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Designed by Strong Bad, Stinko Man 20X6 (Pronounced Twenty-Exty-Six) is composed of the creator with the following features:
1)Lumpy Head
2)Really really big eyes
3)No Thumbs
4) All shiny
5) The boots are a whole lot ROBOT BOOTS
6) And for some reason, he has blue hair...<i/>("You gotta have blue hair!")</i>
7) Then we have his mouth...really tiny when it's closed, and RIDICULOUSLY LARGE when it's open
The habits of Stinkoman include being stuck in space and flying around in cool poses with the Big Knife. He also enjoys watching his friend Pan-Pan fall on his enemies (Stinkoman notes that Pan-Pan is fat, and is a good bear)Strong Bad notes that also, one of the curios features of Stinkoman is that someone else does the voice of Stinkoman (noted when the mouth movements fo Stinkoman did not match what he was saying). Stinkoman also enjoys executing random triple flips in the air, and his attack is known as the "Double Deuce" (Not known what the effects of the Double Deuce are).
"Hey, Stinkoman! Everybody says that you're the guy...but I wanna be the guy, too!"
by KS March 16, 2003
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japanese cartoon version of strong bad.has blue hair for some reason.
and for some reason i got blue hair,you gotta have the blue hair.
by angry s March 08, 2003
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the japenise vesion of our king strong bad and his only known atk. is the double duce
strong bad: id have difrent boots like...uh...robot boots
by sean pike April 18, 2004
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