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A band comprised for four extremely talented musicians. The gorgeous guys are:
James Flannigan - vocals, guitar
Charlie Wride - lead guitar
Matt Harris - bass
Tom Slaytor - drums

The band, formed in the UK, was created for the movie Angus, Thongs, and Pefect Snogging. The movie itself is based off of a popular book series by Louise Rennison.

What sets these four guys apart from the rest, is the unique way in which they began making music as an actual band. Although the original reason they got together was to play the part of a fictional band, they soon realized they got on well enough to create the band in real life. The totally cool lads are now out making awesome music.

To fall in love with the Stiff Dylans, visit their myspace page and listen to their work. To learn more about the band, visit their own webpage at
A conversation between myself and a friend:

"OMG you read those books too! They are hilarious."
"Haha yeah they are my fav. Did you know they're making a movie out of it?"
"No way! When did that happen?"
"I dont know, I just saw it on the internet. And the Stiff Dylans are a real band! I'm on their myspace."
"That fucking awesome"
"They are amazing."

by prettyrvegrl July 26, 2008
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