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A dance performed after completing a task, most commonly after sex with a woman. It can be described as doing the Heisman Trophy pose and instantly into a lunge, posing as Tim Tebow gracefully praying in the endzone. Once completed, you stand up, call for 2 beers out of the sky (Miller Lite perferred) and bashing them together violently prior to opening them. Quickly crack both cans open, and water fall the foamy goodness into your mouth from high above your head, so high, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Texas rattlesnake himself would give you a "Hell Yeah". It has also been known to cause females to flock at the very sight of the foamy beer running down your face and chest.
"So once I finished, I put my pants back on, walked out of the house, and did a Stierhoff right there in the front yard. The MILF neighbor saw me and invited me inside. The cycle continues
by ffohreits January 07, 2016
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