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A legend once told of a man that was 9 inches in the cold shower. This is the man. Now he's no rocket scientist…. oh wait, he is! When he pours his Alphabetos he gets nothing but strait A's (the alphabet cereal) Give him your woman and she will be in a wheelchair for a week. Not only will he fuck on the first date, but he will also fuck the family. Girls go to him for the best moustash rides around town. Stevonaitor is so cuddly that puppies watch youtube videos of him. He is so great, that if I saw him fighting a bear, I would fight for the bear. He's so clean that he makes the soap feel dirty when I'm taking a shower. He so persuasive, that he convinced a cop that pulled him over that HE (the cop) was speeding! He once jumped out a plane and landed on another plane flying at a lower altitude. He was asked to build a fence once maybe you heard of it, its called the Great Wall of China. He always 1v2's nerds called Deano and Julian. When he touched his mouse the internet shakes.

Stevonaitor has slayed some poon.
Stevonaitor is the best mc player in the world
Stevonaitor know 2 brothers that whack each other off to gay midget black porn. (beiber and Pollos)
by Stevoanitor July 27, 2014
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