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A very thin, pencil-dick shaped body with no brain attatched inside of his head. He likes to fill his head (normally by the mouf) with dick to fill in place of his missing brain. So he fills his mouth with penis as much as possible. He gets an odd orgasmic sensation from wearing a flat-billed hat with logos he knows nothing about and loud music generally referring to old-school rappers of which he also knows nothing about. He also tries to surround himself with large women that remind him of his mother to make him feel better about his large ego and pencil-dick-like body. Thus making him appear as a pencil-dick-looking faggot.
Girl 1: Hey! There's someone looking at you from across the room.
Girl 2: Oooh, is he cute?!
Girl 1: Oh, no, it's just a Steven-Beets.

Girl 2: Oh, God, hide behind that trash can!
by MyNameIsJonas1 March 27, 2011
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