The upstairs neighbors' cats are careening across your bedroom ceiling, ogres are thrashing through their kitchen, their toilet is gradually sinking through the floor above your computer, your roommate is cooking with excessive fish sauce to the Beastie Boys, a wailing train barrels through the park across the street.
This is stereovision chaos.
by anorlondo69 May 23, 2023
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The disorienting anxiety one faces when unable to focus on a person's cleavage due to each breast wildly deviating in different directions.
When Jim walked into the nightclub, he immediately experienced stereovision chaos, as the platform heaved loudly like sea under the footraces of a hundred bull sea captains, while Fatima pole-danced shamelessly with brevalanches that spread titinormously to-and-fro like two weighty watermelons struggling to escape Victoria's Secret.
by JubJan54 June 3, 2023
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