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The measurement of how steep an angle or hill is. Now dont start with me either, for Jebus' sake, if depth is a word, then stepth is too. If we all use it, we will make it so.
I cant run up that, check out the stepth of that hill...
by Glen Hendry December 09, 2003
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stepth is how steep a hill is! i thought i invented it but the credit must go to the guy who put the 1st definition on here!! it is SO a word!
look at the stepth of that..and to think we climbed it!!
by groove_kitten August 07, 2004
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I also thought I invented this word but it seems there are plenty of other people out there with the same line of thinking.

The normal use of this word for me, however, is not to describe the steepness of a hill, but the steepness of a wave when surfing.

If a wave has enough stepth then it is steep enough to ride. Ususally used with the normal angle measurements like 90 degrees stepth etc.
"The surfs pretty full today, I think these waves need a bit more stepth."
by Conall February 23, 2008
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