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a slang word for poop, often used to refer to the leftovers in a wet fart. However, it can be used in almost any case to either refer to pooping or farting. It has also been used as a racist slang to refer to a black person or middle-eastern as poop. Can also be used in common phrazes like Stel-nye the science guy.
when someone is going to the bathroom they might say,"It's time to felse the stelns." meaning it's time to face the stelns as in smell them.

Someone might say when their doing the laundary,"Oh little Johnny left some stelns in his underwear."

A racist might say,"Oh there's too many stelns on the basketball courts these days."

One might say,"Even though I like the Cleveland Browns, they are playing like stelns."
by Stel-nye the Science Guy October 18, 2009
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