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1 flirty, one of them guys, easy going, bad temper; type of girl
•As Stellina you are rather serious-minded, responsible, and stable.
• You have the gift of tact and diplomacy, and possess a charming, easy-going nature which endears you to others.
• You have a serious desire to understand the heart and mind of everyone, and could be very effective in a career or in volunteer work where you are handling people and serving in a humanitarian way.
• This name also gives you a love of home and family, and as a parent you would likely be fair and understanding.
• You remember the thoughtful little expressions of affection and appreciation that mean so much to others, and you have the ability to create a warm and loving environment.

• However, you tend to put things off and avoid facing issues because of a lack of confidence and uncertainty.
• You often need encouragement from someone before you can come to a decision.
2 she likes to be around her friends and is a good listener. She is very hyper and energetic. Stellina is a caring girl but get on her bad side you'll see a whole other universe of her. She is an animal lover and she like any type of artistic things. She is a person who would give you a second chance but mess it up and youll never get her trust back anymore. She is an average girl and is smart. she likes to read and have fun with others. She likes to make fun of her friends and joke around.
by PTX4life<3 January 27, 2014
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