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When you aggressively suck the shit out of someone's asshole, preferably through a boba straw
Bro I got steaming Ramin'd last night. Felt amazing.
by Chunky carrots October 15, 2017
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When you take a carrot with holes in both ends and stick it in someones asshole, and then proceed to suck up their shit like its water and you've spent the last week stranded in a desert. The traditional cycle of a Steaming Ramin is generally completed when you take all that inhaled shit and throw it back up into a condom, which you then tie into a sort of half puke half shit filled water balloon and throw at an unsuspecting enemy.
"Dude, my ass hurts so much"
"Oh did you do a Steaming Ramin last night"
"Yeah bro"
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by BinLadenIsMyCity September 16, 2018
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