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This pillow is typically found in the rare upscale restaurant area of Las Vegas. The best quality of these pillows are made from Japanese Wagyu beef. This type of beef is grass and beer fed, and massaged daily. This results in the highest quality steak pillow known to man.

While traveling in a large group and headed out for a long evening of partying in Vegas, there is usually one member of the group who at dinner time will ask for the steak pillow.

They will proceed to pass out on their pillow at the table at approximately 9:30pm before any evening activities have begun.
Pillz: So we are going to hit up TAO hard tonight, right guys?

Chi Chi: ZZZzzzzzz

Pillz: OMFG, Chi Chi's asleep on his steak pillow. Good lord, what a party.
by 1337c0d3d00d March 20, 2013
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