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1)changing ur status every 5 mins to tell the whole world how ur work, ur day and pet fish is.

2)status obsessioning occurs most to pmsy woman (or even guys) who change their status every 1 mintue according to their mood.

3)spending ur day looking 4 kwl things 2 write 4 a status and whenever a new thought occurs u think about writing it on a stauts, then decide its too lame

4)writing really random song quotes on statuses and confusing the hell outta people
status obsessioning:

1) off to work... (5 min later) hey thats a kwl looking tree...(5min later)... i wonder was time it is...

2)i hate that !@#$ boy!! (1 min later) baby im sorry... (1 min later) whatever, i dont wana c u again (1 min later) pleeese take me bak!!!

3)mmm.. that shakespeare quote is kwl... but na, people wont like it... hey i know wat i could write.... naaa... i wonder if people will think if writing about my friends is kwl..

4)**yea yea doo bi doo bi tra la la la**
by theoriginalnax February 11, 2010
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