On MySpace, when somebody comments on your status, and you then have a conversation with them on your status, but after a bit you want to change your status. Which will cause the unwanted end to the conversation, because, frankly, continuing it in a message would ruin it and/or be awkward.
Dude 1: Man, that hot chick commented my status, and we kept talking, but then I got chinese food and wanted to tell the whole world about it, but she was too hot to end the conversation.
Dude 2: You were so totally status trapped!
by pokemonmaster. January 16, 2010
a Facebook or Myspace status that grabs people's attention because of its absurdity and/or humor, forcing them to comment on it or like it.
when Matt placed a status trap of "Am I fat if I bring a box of girl scout cookies to the bathroom with me." he got 6 likes and 10 comments.
by loopus November 8, 2010