A person who makes their status on facebook, myspace, etc., something that people will OBVIOUSLY ask about, then refuses to elaborate
Jan Smith: is so tired of this and cant take it anymore!

------Sally Johnson: d00de jan teh eff is up?!

Jan Smith: Oh nothing DOT DOT DOT DOT

= status tease
by ayemaynedayyy January 16, 2009
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The Social Network Status Tease (SNST) is a ditzy bitch who can do no more than post “cute” little sexual comments and jokes on their MySpace and/or Facebook page, with the hopes that they will get a long thread of “cute” little sexual responses from guys (most likely Shirtless Profile Asshole, Mustang Asshole, or Crotch Rocket Asshole).

SNST’s only creativity in life is the ability to use common, everyday terms in some kind of sexual reference. SNST also LOVES to post pics which emphasize their boobs. Their face may be a wreck, but their cans have GOT to be the attention of the photo. SNST will post from their home, school, work, the store, or anywhere else in order to satisfy their piss-poor self-esteem.

Nobody with any moral character at all wants to see the posts from SNST. They are predictable and oh-so-common. SNST often announces the bar at which they are going that evening, with the hopes that local male assholes will also go to that same bar. This makes for an entire evening of free drinks, and ego-boosting flirting for SNST.
Social Network Status Tease won't have very many ways to attract attention when time takes its toll on their face and body. Luckily, loser "social network guy" doesn't care that the face in SNST's profile doesn't really match the face in person. For the time being, however...its free drinks and filrting fo SNST !!!!
by mad genius December 7, 2010
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