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if you asked somebody in staten island to describe guys and girls that live on the island they it wouldnt be surprising if they said this:

1. Mostly of Italian nationality
2. Sluts, whores, bitches, hoes, skanks
3. Have tanning passes to all the tanning salons
4. Get their nails done (preferably tips)
5. Have guido boyfriends
6. Walk arolund like they own the place with thier short mini jean skirts and their hair either starightened or scrunched
7. Have at least one piercing mostly on bellybutton
8. Drink uncontrollably
9. Act obnoxious around guys just so they can have attention
10. Have the famoous staten island accent
11. You can tell right away where they are from
12. Snobby and mean

1. The Italian guidos
2. Spiky hair...tan...built body...wax eyebrows...manicures and peticures
3. You can call them "metrosexuals"
4. Very into themselves
5. Think they are black sometimes
6. Act liuke they are the only guy on staten island so they have to hook up with every girlon the island in one
7. Dress very nicely : pink shirts anyone???
8. Usually have an earring in their left ear (or is it right??) no its definitely left
9. Have slutty girlfriends and only lie them becsaue of what they give them

Anyway you can see how staten island kids are but thats ok cuz im one of them

you would ususally hear a staten isaldn person saying:
1. Yo
2. Mad sick/cool
3. Thats dope
4. What up
5. whats poppin
6. new "yawk"
7. Wharta (water)
8. Not pronuncing their R'S at the end of words
9. um goin out wit this girl tanite
10. u goin to da farrell dance tanite
11. How about them ladiess

Youw ill usually see the girls walking around with coach bags and fendi bags and ugg boots and the guys with their ferrari cars and pimped out clothes and jewelry
also there is alottt of DRAMAAAAAA
You may be thinkin that si people are madd rich???
well some of them are and some of them ACT!! like they are

i love staten isalnd though<333
staten islandd kidsss are madd cooolll!!!1
by biancabazzzie October 18, 2006
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