To say that someone is doing something which they know their doing but the other person thinks that they are unaware of their own actions for example, "your useing your calculator".

It also means when someone orders someone to do something which is extremly obvious that it dosn't need to be orded like your blind or have a mental problem, like for example, "throw the ball" when your walking onto a pitching plate in a game of baseball.

It can also mean when someone repeats what you said like you have a posesed body or you have a memory span of five seconds, usually said to be nasty, for example "so your saying that you are actually gonna try and get a good mark in that exam".
Stateing the obvious:-

Person: hey
person2: hey
Person: your using your calculator.
Person2: yeah and.....
Person: you could get in trouble.
Person2: duh so.
Person: your gonna get in trouble your gonna get in trouble.
Person: shutup man stop being so immature.
by jjhfdhkfdk September 1, 2005
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When you point out concepts that only retarded people don't have the ability to grasp, or foolishly don't want to..
Person 1: Omg, why are you so butt-ugly???
Person 2: My parents.
Person 1: thanks for stating the obvious.
by OlgaPatacky February 4, 2012
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