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The act of slightly leaning over to one side while sitting to release a fart as quietly as possible. This is done to spread the ass cheeks apart to let out the stank air freely and smoothly, as opposed to sitting on both ass cheeks, somewhat closing the asshole and sending a loud vibration through the inner cheeks and on to the base of the chair. This act can be done while you pretend to drop and pick something off the floor or pretend to scratch your ankle or tie your shoe.
"I stank lean like a boss in my math class all the time and nobody ever knows it's me"
by smelly ass cat April 02, 2013
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The position your body takes when you're sitting and have to fart, let one go, let the prairie dog breathe.
"Holy crap, Marcus is doing the stanklean. Everyone roll down the windows."
by Papa D2 January 09, 2012
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