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n. A piece of shit that has yet to be dislodged from ones anus hole. This often occurs when said poo is similar in consistency to that of peanut butter and the person wants not to wipe prior to releasing the turd into the bowl. The desire to forego wiping is brought about by one not wanting to wipe said asshole 30 - 50 times. Techniques employed in an effort to break off the rogue turd include, bouncing and pulling butt cheeks apart, and - as a last resort - severe straining and contraction of the stomach muscles.
Bernice: Girl, guess what I did last night?

Gina: What?

Bernice: I broke two blood vessels in my cornea tryin to dislodge a 3 pound stank dangler from my dirty booty hole

Gina: Wow! Did you save it?
by cornfritter December 15, 2010
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