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People waiting for a train knowing that when it arrives it will be rammed full like every other peak time train on the Sheffield to Manchester line. This mainly occurs in the Marple/ Romiley areas where there is an inversely proportional relationship of number of passengers to size of train. e.g. 100 passengers / 1 carriage containing 30 seats. This leads to them getting on the train (alighting) and standing up for the whole journey - standalight!!
Romiley station was full of standalights awaiting the 8:20 train from Sheffield. The previous train had been canceled and the thirty year old mini-bus with rolling stock arrived, steamy windowed and fit to bursting. "there's no way we are getting a seat on that baby" "if we wait for the next one I'll be late for work again. The only thing I'll be waiting for then is the sack"
by newmillsbones1966 September 10, 2011
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