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Chinese slang.

The act of taking advantage of somebody else, especially in financial matters, although not always. Somebody who routinely eats lunch with you but always lets you pay for it is standing you cheap.

Likewise, somebody who makes friends with you just to be around your friends is also standing you cheap.

Sometimes even doing something that's rude or disagreeable to somebody else while profiting from it is also considered standing them cheap.

The original Mandarin Chinese for this is "Zhan ... pianyi" ("stand ... cheap") with the victim pronoun appearing between the words.
HMB: I bought a subscripton to the Wall St. Journal using my credit card. Then I realized that with those extra credit card reward points, I qualified for a free subscription to the Wall St. Journal. So I canceled my subscription and got a free subscription and a refund instead.

HDT: Wow, if Wall St. Journal had a cheap on which one could stand, you definitely managed to stand them cheap.


Taiwanese president Chen Shui Bian: TMD! Xiao Bush zongtong, neige wangbadan, burang wo de feiji zai Seattle jiangluo!

Chinese president Hu Jintao: LOL - haiyou ROFLMAO. Ta buyuanyi weixie womende shuangbian maoyi shounaohuiyi! Kan qilai haoxiang wo zhan ni pianyi!

(CSB: Goddammit, that bastard President Bush Jr. refused me permission to land at Seattle!

HJT: LOL, also ROFLMAO. He is unwilling to risk our bilateral trade summit meeting. It seems very likely that I have stood you cheap!)
by HMB June 06, 2006
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