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standing outside full stalls waiting for some one finish their crap.
You: Yea there was like a bajillion people in there so i was a stall stalker for like half a freikin hour
by skiperson April 16, 2010
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1) Defined as an asshole who thinks it would be funny to take a massive shit in a public stall and then not flush. The aforementioned "asshole" waits at the sink to see the reaction of the next person who walks into the stall.
"Hey Mick, do you see that dude at the sink?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He's a total stall stalker, look at him, he keeps looking to see who goes in next"

"Wow. What an asshole".
by Public Informer #1 February 08, 2009
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A person that gets caught looking thru the slit in the toilet stall door and then comes back to look at you for a second time
Dude, I was on the crapper dropping a deuce and I noticed a stall-eye. A few minutes later I noticed that the stall stalker had returned to scene of the crime for a second look.
by oldiver December 07, 2010
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