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The etymology of Stalkxting is from the late 2000's (roughly 2016), derived from the word "Stalking" /staw-king/ (from "to Stalk" (v.), "to pursue another" org. 1250 Middle English 'stalken', and was revived in the early 1990's to mean "to pursue another as an obsessive harasser"; combined with the word "Texting" /tekst-ing/ (from "Text" (v.), "to write in text letters" org. Old French 'texte', which in the Digital Age, early-to-mid 2000's, became "a means of communicating via digital technology, including mobile systems, to exchange written messages".

Stalkxting combines "Stalk(ing) and "Text(ing) to mean: "to pursue another obsessively via text messaging."
"I have been trying to reach you all day! Now, after 30 unanswered messages, I feel like I am stalkxting you!"
by TZ Muller May 25, 2016
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