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The newest record from one of the greatest bands in the world, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is a dual-disk album and was released on May 9, 2006. Unlike many other double-disk compilations, Stadium Arcadium is pure quality from the start of disk 1 (Jupiter) to the end of disk 2 (Mars). This is a more melodic and mellow sounding album, comparing it to their previous works. So if you're used to their hard-core funk in past albums, like Blood Sugar Sex Magik, this will take a little getting used to. While listening to this record, it's easy to notice how much the band has matured since its "sock on the cock" days. In the past, I think most people credited the band's success to Anthony Kiedis' unique vocals and energy. Not the case here, the many great rhythms provided by Flea and Chad Smith and the SIMPLY AMAZING guitar performances by John Frusciante sometimes even outdo Kiedis. And that is a compliment to the instrumentals rather then a downgrade on Kiedis. All in all, if you are a true RHCP fan you will adjust to the new sound and commend them on their many different sounds they have been able to produce from the 80s into the new millenium.
Recommended tracks: Dani California, Snow (personal favorite), Charlie, Tell Me Baby, Hard to Concentrate
On May 9, I left my last period of school and drove directly to Best Buy to pick up my copy of Stadium Arcadium. I rocked out all the way home. (True Story)
by Stephenn May 11, 2006
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New album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which includes the single Dani California and other songs including: Charlie, Tell me Baby, Hard to Concentrate, and others. It has been over four years since they released an album, which makes this a double album. The songs include more guitar solos and brings back some of the funk from the Blood Sugar days. I for one like it.
by w3rd? May 08, 2006
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An amazing chili pepper album that is about to be completely ruined by the radio.
Little bitch-ass kid: Wow! I really like the red hot chili peppers.
Me: Wow! You sound like a die-hard fan! How about you name off three or so of their older songs that aren't on stadium arcadium?
Little bitch-ass kid: umm....dani california?
Me: Thats what i thought, you little bitch-ass kid.
by Ryne May 30, 2006
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Double album from the red hot chili peppers. The sounds of this album is funk and mellow. John Frusciante has great guitar solos too !!
They're releasing 7 songs from the album (some later on this year and next year):
Dani california
Tell me baby
Storm in a teacup
Snow ((hey oh))
Stadium Arcadium

and the last 2 could either be desecration smile/ make you feel better or charlie
My faves off Stadium Arcadium are: Dani California, Snow ((hey oh)), make you feel better, charlie, she's only 18, warlocks.
by Settit August 19, 2006
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A mirror to the moon. It's state of the art until the clouds come crashing.

Also the name of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' current album.
Person 1- Stadium Arcadium is so cool.

Person 2- I know, they're such a cool band!

Person 1- Wtf. They aren't a band you douche.

Person 2- ^^ They're a good band too!

Person 1-*Bashes Person 2 with a brick*
by Zappy July 05, 2006
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