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All girls Catholic high school in St Louis, Missouri.
Also called the "St. Joes Hoes." know best for being well... hoes. Also know for their loosing streak to their famous rivals, the NORTH COUNTY Incarnate Word Academy. Secretly wanting to be a jumper-wearer just like incarnate.
who are you guys playing tomorrow?

st. joseph academy.

by redknight4ever September 07, 2010
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An all "girls" high school in St. Louis, Missouri. Commonly referred to as the "St. Joe's hoes," and probably the most trashy all "girls" high school in the area ("girls" is in quotations because... well sometimes no body can be too sure.) Also know to loose to Incarnate Word Academy at all sports due to their lack in spirt or general ability to do anything more than live up to their title of the "St. Joe's hoes."
Boy: "So what school do you go to"
Girl: "St. Joseph Academy"
Boy: "Oh shit so HOW many STD'S do you have."
by SuperiorHighschool January 06, 2017
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