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A secondary school located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. The students are divided into two: IB asians, and non-IB kids. Neither party acknowledges or talks to the other. Mostly full of upper-middle class asians whose parents won't buy them cars. The five student cars in the parking lot, however, are Honda Civics. The non-asian part of the population(one third) are suburban kids who know at the back of their minds that they aren't worth shit because they go to st robs, and are bubbleheaded as fuck. This school is located in bumfuck nowhere and has a high rate of students wearing non-uniform sweaters to feel badass. These kids have sold their soul to math textbooks, and most of them want to migrate to Thornlea SS or STL when in reality they can't last a DAY outside the periffs of the institute. On a positive note, these pupils are very welcoming if you are a new student(due to it being boring as fuck).
omg i go to st robs and all i'm going to talk about for the rest of the day is what is being served in the cafeteria, the quiz i had last period that i "failed", and that there are so many asians at this school even though i can't do shit about it and all i do all day is fucking complain and gossip about my teachers because i live in a fucken bubble that's inside another fucken bubble!!!
by neeenja February 28, 2010
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St Robs is a Highschool located in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere. Asians rule the school. There is like 1 white person for every 8 Asian. The school is filled with a bunch of idiots that will not be going anywhere in life. Most kids struggle to pass grade 9 math on their 2nd attempt. It is a place where you go to become a Catholic thug with no life and no brain. It is very hard to come across real friends because everyone talks shit behind each other's back and the people you think are your friend one day turn their back on you the next. Also 90% of the school struggles with the English language. In order to be cool you have to smoke cigarettes at the pit. The pit is "the place to be" if you don't plan on going anywhere with your life. All of the guys have some next half bowl cut hairstyle.

-St. Robs
Lenny: I go to St Robs
Bubbles: Ain't dat the all Asian school?
Lenny: There are some white people though.
by OG Snowbone November 23, 2015
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to strob - the act of a girl furiously rubbing her clitoris. mostly used when having to rush, for fear of being caught. can result in clitoral friction burn!

adj - strobbing
paul: whered you get to?

james: louise was gagging for it, so we went upstairs and i strobbed her off
by Trewman May 13, 2011
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