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Acronym for "super slut, fuck face", abbreviated with the phrase "double s, double f." Used to describe a girl/woman/female senior citizen who epitomizes the culture of sex, drugs (often enough) and rock and rock. You can typically find these subjects partying hard at local clubs and bars. SSFF's can be externally ID'd by the cliche Japanese insignias tattooed on their exposed lower backs (tramp stamps), a gross lack of already promiscuous looking clothing and their excessive use of brightly covered makeup. If approached by a SSFF, don't be surprised if you feel like you are being picked up. Chances are that unless you're a bro-douche, the SSFF is only trying to harmlessly flirt with you. Just be sure that the makeup doesn't rub off and make you look like you belong in a more questionable environment
Dude. That group of guys over there had one super hot SSFF with them. She must like to party hard

Hey bro, when I surfing this morning, I saw a group of SSFF's tanning...Topless... I almost had an embarrassing moment as I walked by until I saw the tears of sweaty makeup flowing down their faces

Wud up Brohan Solo, dude, I went to this party and got picked up by a 50 year old SSFF from Arizona. Damn, I wish I hadn't double fisted all of those 40's
by gldnegle April 10, 2010
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Ssff is an acronym standing for: southern style face fuckin. This was introduced to me through a friend from the deep south that migrated northward to chicago for work. Within the act of receiving fellatio the receiver would grab onto the giver of fellatio's ears(love handles) and thrust forcefully back and forth until ejaculation occurs and while belting out a ballyho(yaaaa hooo).
Ssff fellatio love handles john asked todd what he was doing this weekend? He said: well johnny boy I'm bringing up one of my gals and I'm fixin to get me some ssff!
by face fucker9 December 26, 2010
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