Status Quo Warrior

Someone whose life is a self-defeating journey of worshipping corrupted authority in every avenue of life. Every time a politician abuses their power to the public, SQWs are there to deflect all criticism. Every time a police officer breaks the law, out come the SQWs to fight for the government's right to kill people indiscriminately. Every time regular people does something, like protest, or unionise or fight for civil rights, SQWs will be there doing their best Uncle Ruckus impersonation.

The greatest generation had plenty of names for SQWs:

- Linebreakers
- Scabs
- Pinkertons
- Flatfoots
- Jingoists
- Nightriders
- Rats
And many more.

Every time discussions about how to improve society in terms of environment, or foreign policy, or social well being, or simply exercising democratic rights; SQWs will hijack the conversation in an effort to rewind history back to pre-Lutheran Germany.

SQWs will betray you as soon as someone with even an ounce of power walks into the room.
Example 1:

Person 1: Work's been killing me lately and the boss has been holding off on paying me for two weeks. I'm thinking of joining a union.

Person 2: Union thugs are not the answer! Have some work ethic and I'm sure your boss will pay you sooner or later!

Person 1: The fuck is wrong with you? Quit being such an SQW.

Example 2:

Person 1: Damn I can't believe that dude who ran for the senate was a child molester.

Person 2: Hey he works hard all day and you got no right to judge him for molesting children!

Person 1: Wow. That's some hardcore SQW logic.
by Thumblesteen January 15, 2018
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