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a troll like creature with a miserable inpolite and inpatient manner.
any response from this creature you get will always be negative unless
you are giving him food, ultimate team coins or cannabis.
this creature has a very small penis nicknamed maggie, hates christmas, gets stuck on the sofa and starts to mould into the fabric like a big fat sofa whore and is far to lazy to walk any distance so squirms along furthermore this creature only squirms along to get to food which it gobbles up like a warthog or to laugh at orphans.
alex: ahh look at squirmy wormy worthog
nick: haha isnt he hideous
josh: what a cruel individual he is
josh k: for fuck sake squirmy wormy worthog ate all my crisps and stole my ultimate team coins
squirmy wormy worthog: ah shut up, you dont understand, fuck you, give me food, haha an orphan unlucky
by oggy ostrich December 22, 2012
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