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Squalia- Noun and Verb.

Noun- The intense feeling of excitement one gets when they think of something appealing to them.


To Squalia> Act of expressing such intense all-over excitement.

EVERYBODY SQULIA>>> ( To the tune of Everybody Dance Now) Squalia is a great thing. Magical if you will. We should never deny ourselves of Squalia! SQUALIA ON EVERYONE!

Ex: If I won the lottery I would totally Squalia.

Ex: I just won the lottery... Holy shit I just squaliad {Squail-yuhhd} (past tense) so hard!


An old college friend calls on the phone and is like "Nigga, we about to have a visit. I'm flying in from Detroit."... Phone call ends and great memories flood back to the mind and you feel giddy inside. Yes, I used the word "giddy".
by Hofstra Word Doctor June 05, 2015
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