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A person on the internet on online video games who's voice clearly hasn't broken and is excruciatingly high pitched. These people are usually very obnoxious and are seen talking too much or complaining a lot when they lose. These are also usually the first to scream that someone is hacking or camping even simply because they are losing. This can only apply to children who speak through their mics complaining or arrogantly or disgustingly.
Squaker: "I was shooting you!! Why don't you die you fucking hacker!!"
Other Player: "Dude, relax it's just a game"
Squaker: "That's what I said to your mom when I fucked her last night!"

Other Player: "Kid! You're 13, so you're still a virgin and you're crying because of a game? You're just a squaker with no life, just shut up and save yourself some dignity"
by Average Gamer September 22, 2013
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