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Your best bud. Your bud who will do anything with you, from sitting on the couch being a potato to climbing mountains. You never get tired of being with your spudbud.
I love my spudbud.
I wish I could hang out with my spudbud.
by SpudBud37 January 21, 2018
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That friend we all have, with whom a night of drinking and carousing ended with someone inserting a potato into their friends anus. May be lubricated or not. May be a homosexual or heterosexual experience, regardless of typical orientation. Usually spontaneous but may lead to recurrence.
After getting really drunk but striking out picking up girls at the bar, Mike and John decided to make mashed potatoes. They were so horny they instead got naked and became spud buds.
by Poison Pebble October 22, 2018
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