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The the sex liquid produced from masterbating before full puberty is reached. The resulting liquid isn't thick and creamy like normal spunk but thin and pale like the water you peeled your potatoes in. Pronounced: Spud Watta.
Bloke 1: "Do you remember when you first started wanking?'
Bloke 2: "Yeah, all that came out at the end was some milky piss!"
Bloke 1: "You know that's called Spud Watta don't you?!"
Bloke 2: "HA HA, No, never heard of that before, that's well fucking funny! HA HA!"
Bloke 1: "I know, HA HA!"

"Paul was trying out wanking for the first time but all he could produce was spud water"
by Industrial Grit November 07, 2013
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