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A term to describe a sexual encounter similar to 'second base', whereby the participants indulge in behaviour beyond kissing and cuddling. It is acceptable to partake in groping of the breasts and groin, and mutual masturbation is also permitted. 'Dry Humping' may be undertaken by experienced sproochlers. Sproochling should always be carried out in a darkened alleyway or a quiet wooded area.

Not to be confused with 'sprachling'
"So, did you shag her last night?", "No, I'm afraid not. She's as tight as a midget's arse. But we did a bit of sproochling in the woods behind the vicar's house."

"Come on, don't be so frigid. I don't even want to shag you - just a wee sproochle in the doorway??"
by mullboy September 04, 2009
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