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A NetHack variant designed to be "more challenging." Do not attempt unless you have >5 ascensions in vanilla.

Changes include:
--high-level monsters probably won't respect Elbereth
--high-level monsters hit a lot harder
--reflection doesn't protect you completely
--conflict doesn't work unless you're in the monster's line of sight and have high charisma
--can't dip for Excalibur unless you're a knight
--various other tweaks to "game balance"/solutions to things the developer thinks are abusive.
SporkHack is great fun. Too bad the developer's a pretentious asshole who thinks he's as good as the DevTeam and treats all YANIs posted to RGRN as personal requests to him to put stuff into the game. (Even blatantly non-serious ones.)
by yay-nethack February 12, 2008
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