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An older guy who spoils a younger, sexy girl for a no strings attached hangout, sex n shopping relationship....but not the same as a sugar daddy cuz he is:

a) not so old he's a historical artifact
b) kinda cute, just outside her age bracket
c) gonna buy her clothes and shoes, and salon visits, and spa treatments, etc. but not cars and houses and such nonsense as that

kinda like a "sugar daddy lite" for the girl who ain't interested in hookin up with sum old senior citizen but would like to be spoiled a little by a older but not old, kinda cute, guy that wouldn't be so weird and gross.
Girl: So are you sayin you wanna be my sugar daddy?

Guy: No way! I'm not an AARP member!! I just wanna be your spoil buddy.
by urbootyismykryptonite July 28, 2012
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