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An all-purpose word that can be used as a substitute word and should either be (1) understandable in a proper context or (2) purposely meant to represent something vague. Can be combined with other words or prefixes or suffixes, but cannot be made plural by adding an "s" (i.e., splammos would be wrong - and looking ugly too). Generally meant to be a positive noun, it can represent something negative. The use of "anti-splammo" could be appropriate in a suitable context, such as "the forces of anti-splammo."
"What is this splammo?"
"Man, that's good splammo."
"You're giving me a lot of splammo."
"You surely are a splammohead."
"There appears to be some splammofication of the arteries."
by John Lindquist August 31, 2007
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