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1. When someone/something ruins, disrespect, or infuriates someone/something

2. A buzzkill

3. Something flawed

Much like the old sayings such as "grind my gears" and "chap my ass," this saying originates from witnessing a toddler dispensing his saliva on a batch of butternut squash at a Trader Joe's. These events caused an nearby employee to exclaim with vigor, distain, and fury "he is spitting on squash!"

When actions like these takes place a proper response is to engage in a duel or the throwing of these hands (which people dont want)
Lance: Bruh, why did you talk to that girl? You knew i wanted her!

Captain Falcon: Dont trip you know you weren't goin to talk her.

Lance: bruh stop spitting on squash
by Justareallyniceguy May 19, 2018
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