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the factor used to change names in online games, to lessen the players using numbers when their usual username is taken.

The deviation of spiritblade, the 'x' at the end is simply added to fill an empty space, any letter can be added at the end, but the x just looks cool.
other 2 word names can also be changed that way:

spiritblade = spiritbx

hellfire263 = hellfx

powerranger123 = powerrx

the name can also be at the end while the letters at the beggining:

spiritblade = sxblade

helplesshobo321 = hxhobo

and again powerranger123 = pxranger

other letters can also be used, even if any letter can be used it would be wise to use z or x , for the reason that they arnt used often and that they usualy dont interfere with the main word:

powerranger123 = powerrx = powerrz

spiritblade = spiritbz
by Mathieu Demers March 17, 2008
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