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A hero in DOTA in the form of a cow with an axe and a lamp. What's weird is that the spiritbreaker never attacks with the AXE, but with the LAMP... WTH???

This hero is famous for always hunting the hero "Sniper" down with charge of darkness and nether strike.

This hero has insane chasing abilities and can rape any hero on 1 vs 1 (except if you are antimage in which case he would burn your mana out in 5 hits -_-). When you use charge of darkness, you can see the hero that you clicked forever unless you reach the target or you click on something else.
HOW TO KILL A SNIPER with spiritbreaker:
1) use charge of darkness.
2) when stun is up and sniper tries to run, use nether strike.
3) type "HAHA" to the dead sniper.
by God_of_Hair March 30, 2009
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