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Spicknall is the type of last name a great guy would have. A Spicknall is geeky but charming all the same. He isn't insanely handsome but he is good looking. So and so Spicknall is a great friend, someone who listens and helps, thinks of others first, would make you feel happy about life. A Spicknall doesn't mind what others say but still listens and adjusts. They don't think they're funny so picks on themselves. They want the girl that everyone likes. A Spicknall is respected and liked be lots but no one falls for them. They like themselves for who they are. They are intelligent but only show it when feeling confident. (80% of the time) They are a great person.
____ Spicknall is a great guy, respected by friends, family, and your average Joe. It's a shame no one is interested in him.
by H Spicknall May 19, 2018
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