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sphincter grease /ˈsfɪŋktər - grees (n.):

1. The resulting oily residue as having been rendered from an abnormally abundant and unkempt conglomeration of "swass" (aka. ass sweat).

-This advanced state of natural anal lubricant can typically be found on most hippies, destination vacation attendees, and hobos, and is commonly noted as the 2nd natural state of anal condensation, the first being "swass" and the 3rd being "ass butter." Sublimation is possible in extreme cases, however highly unlikely as sphincter grease plays an integral role in springboarding swass into a semi petrolic, pre-gelatinous state necessary for the achievement of ass butter.
I wouldn't be sliding all over this god damned linoleum car seat if it weren't for all this fucking sphincter grease
by Def Batface April 09, 2009
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