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A large wooden chest completely filled with a lifetimes worth of one mans semen. A long and lengthy process that takes dedication, however the spermchestarian reeps the benefits when viewing all of his man juice in one single contained chest. It is healthier to keep ones sperm chest in a frozen environment like your fridge freezer, may need to be consulted with the owner of the fridge freezer as it can be a surprising situation seeing a seeping chest of sperm in place of your favourite frozen oven chips.

Can often be mistaken for the act when a man ejaculates so vicously into his woman that the sperm infact tears through the womb area and enters the lungs, thus creating a living sperm chest.
Come mary, view my spermchest.

There is no action a man will take when his spermchest is stolen.

That joshua's a fishy bastard, he likes to make love to his sperm chest and not in a collective way.

i could manweld an entire army with the amount of sperm held in my sperm chest.

Early pubesant benedict has been adding to his sperm chest from the tender age of 8.

You are a spermchest - a phrase only promoted to the highest of high.
by Joseph Patrick Mortell November 21, 2006
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