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Damaged offspring. Who later matures and tries to rule its creater.

a spermazoid is a living gremlin. Piss the offsping off or manage house other then their way "spermazoids turned from f**ked up preportating RUSSEL BRands into a germlins trying to take over the world."
Teen pregnacies : a friend of mine had four childern back to back. Each child is a teen prenacy oldest 17,second 15, third 17, fourth 15. Her first two child had the first three grandchildern 2007 and 2008. the second set of only two grand childern came in aug 2010 and 2011. She now has five grandchildern, oldest child is 22.They all still live at home. She saids " I love um but i cant f**king stand those spermazoids, they mutated right before my very eyes."
by SUPER_MOM_TUTTI_NYC April 08, 2011
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