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From the root word Spedophile; which is a person with a strong sexual attraction towards people with various degrees of mental retardation.

Spedosexual is a person with a strong sexual attraction and desires towards people that are learning disabled and or learning impaired.
"That girl Angel, only dates guys from the special needs classes, because no one else would be interested in her."

"The other day Diane was bragging about much she enjoys giving mentally retarded guys erections."

"Gus kept feeling up that girl in the wheel chair who isn't able to talk or communicate with anyone."

"Sergio has sexual rape fantasies of choking people who do not understand that it is wrong."

"Maria has a boyfriend with a learning disability whom she cares for and takes care of him. She lets him know everything going on around his life when others are showing that they care for his friendship, when people are really bullying him and taking his kindness for granted, and she prepares his food for him, takes care of him like a mother to a child while loving him like a wife to her husband."
"Guadalupe takes care of her husband with a learning disability, she defends him when others are laughing at him and he seems helpless, the other day when the cashier told him, 'What are you F****** Retarded or something?' Guadalupe got in that woman's face and demanded the manager to make a formal apology."
by MrLingam80 April 12, 2018
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