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A hacker who knows he hacks and knows everyone else knows he hacks. He doesn't try to hide it at all. He is banned on just about every Counter-Strike server there is and the ones he's not banned on he is kicked as soon as an admin gets on. Comes from the famous CS hacker spec.k3v1n (aka spec.5u), whose rivalry with Cyber Station admins Baklaka and Smoke-A-Bowl was legendary.
spec.k3v1n has knifed baklaka
spec.k3v1n has knifed smoke-a-bowl
spec.k3v1n has knifed mez'
spec.k3v1n has knifed sh4wN
spec.k3v1n has knifed 0ps'nSc
Terrorists Win!
sh4wN *DEAD*: is that spec.k3v1n again? holy crap, that guy is such a haxor
by sh4wN September 01, 2004
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