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The rate at witch one person, or an administration consisting of a group of people or a computer-program, summons entities to a social environment. Entities may be persons (people), monsters in a game, or even 'the giving birth to children'. Birth-rate or "spaw nrate" of giving birth to children, is about 1 per second in world. The spawnrate of entities is mostly based on pre-calculations for having a relative space and time, so it will not cause lag for the social network. The more space and time calculated for the spawns, the higher rate is possible without causing lag. Another example is: A party-administrator that has spawned a lot of people to the location (via not-so-personal invites), can make the party-administration lag, if not having planned it right in time and space - and may even destroy the party itself. A way to high spawn-rate-calculation compare to space/time, results in lag. Meaning; stuttering, confusing behavior, important features or functions that is completely skipped.
The spawn rate for monsters and animals in game is set to the default-setting, so there not will be crowds of animals and monsters, making the computer slow or even crash.
by Doctrinary Nubia July 09, 2016
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