When a non hispanic person becomes obsessed with dating or trying to get with mexicans or puerto ricans of the opposite gender. Common in white people but also affects blacks. The exact cause is unknown.
One of the best diseases ever.

The hispanic version of yellow fever
white guy: damn! when did carmen get so fucking hot?!
mexican: wtf
asian: get away from me! i dont wanna catch the spanish flu!
by jtispimp March 6, 2010
when a non-Hispanic man (usually of African or non-Spanish European ancestry) hooks up with a lot of Hispanic ladies; a man who likes a nekkid Puerto Rican girl
Wait a minute... you got posters of Roselyn Sanches, Selma Hayek, and Elsa Benitez all over your bedroom... dude, you got the Spanish flu somethin' awful!
by Da Nasty One November 10, 2004