A deadly hispanic gang which started in the streets of Chicago. Opposition to the Latin Kings. Responsible for the near extermination of the Insane Unknowns, as well as the Spanish Lords. A major force to be reckoned with. Various Factions throughout the United States. Murderers, thieves, assassins, drug dealers
Amor de Cobra, Long live Chairman Tuffy, Insane Spanish Cobras founded the Insane Familia
by the one and only August 5, 2006
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The craziest Spanish gang there has ever been, the Insane Spanish Cobras are a major force to be reckoned with. They don’t care if you’re Hispanic, white, black, man, woman, etc. If you fuck with them, just know that the Cobraz are unforgiving and looking to murder you. Having its roots in Chicago, the gang has expanded to various states across the country and will soon be going worldwide. Opposition to Latin Kings, other People’s Nation gangs, and all of the Disciple gangs. They throw up ISCN, YLOC, ISC, SC, 4500, and Cobraz World. They throw the Folk Nation rakes down not because Folks are opps, but because they identify themselves as a different set of Folks that does not fuck with Disciples. 4500 is the block on Chicago that they come from. They use black, green and white as their colors. Also have the cobra, staff, and diamond as their symbols.
Yo, them Insane Spanish Cobras are crazy a’f bruh. You see how they clapped those Latin Kings? They not fuckin around wit nikkaz out here
by popitgood90 December 6, 2020
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