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A proud people, residing in spain and part of france. fantastic metalsmiths. most common folk of the spanish celts, and all celts really, wore their wealth in the form of jewelery. instead of the barbarous people we percieve the celts as, because of the romans, we must think of an incredibly advanced subculture and, indeed, culture entirely. the sword invented by the celts was eventualy used against them by the romans. the Gladius Hispaniensus was the primary weapon of roman infantry for most of the empire's domanant years. the celts never had a professional army, but then again neither did most of the cultures of the time. this lack of uniformity, unfortunately, lead to the ahnialation of nearly the entire celtic culture and its subsequient subcultures. remnants found of the celtic culture are often missunderstood by the christian church to be demonic and pagan. this only furthers the missunderstanding of barbarism.
Karl, "Look at the craftsmanship of this blade, its quite intricate!"

Justin, "Not saying much, dude, its a Spanish Celt's work. you know how damn proud the spanish celts were!"
by Karl Deets December 03, 2006
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