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1. When a legitimate email, often on a group list or including images, is lost in cyberspace due to restrictive spam blockers.

2. When a particular email address has been blacklisted or widely blocked due to malevolent hacker action on that particular account or server, and legitimate corospondence cannot get through.

3. When a legitimate email is accidentally deleted in the course clearing a deluge of spam from an inbox.
Damnit, the email you forwarded me about the free Comedy Central tickets was totally spamdropped!

Sorry, it was spamdropped. I never got the homework assignment. Next time don’t bcc, Outlook is crap.

I can’t rent my apartment on Craig’s list - I’ve been spamdropped because of that asshole who kept flagging my posts as inappropriate.

Columbia University totally spamdropped me off of their server after some bot spewed my address around and now the communication is so bad it’s like I never studied there.

I'm gonna spamdrop you off the face of this planet. It'll be like you never had any friends, and never will again.
by amanda boekelheide August 27, 2007
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